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PMC Speakers Supports Innovation In Music Conference

PMC Speakers has announced its support for the Innovation in Music conference, this year hosted by University of ...
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PMC Speakers Appoints Vintage Studios As Its Distributor In Thailand

PMC Speakers has announced that Vintage Studios has been appointed as its official distributor in Thailand, with responsibility ...
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Mix Engineer Jorel Corpus Acquires NUGEN Audio’s Loudness Toolkit

As the top-line audio editing software brand for television and music mixers and producers around the world, NUGEN ...
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Solid State Logic Announces First Preview Of ORIGIN Analogue Console

Solid State Logic (SSL) has announced the first preview of the latest ORIGIN analogue console at AES NY ...
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Union JACK Radio Announces Brand Collaboration With QIPCO British Champions Day

Union JACK radio has announced a brand collaboration with QIPCO British Champions Day, the raceday and the conclusion ...
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Alex Oana And Ian Hlatky Launch Audio Test Kitchen

Launched by co-founders Alex Oana and Ian Hlatky, Audio Test Kitchen is the world's first online, unbiased, virtual ...
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