Veale Associates Create Studios For Amplify Studios

On 3rd December 2019 the Rugby Portabello Trust in North Kensington launched it’s new music recording facilities; Amplify Studios.

Veale Associates, in collaboration with Academia Creative, had the privilege of working with the charity to create the new Amplify Studios music production facility. With an ambition to help revive North Kensington and empower young people through art, music and entrepreneurship, the studios form part of a two-phase project to provide the local community with a safe place to explore music, nurture their passions and gain industry skills and opportunities.

As part of the refurbishment and first phase of the project, the existing vocal booth and mac lab were overhauled with a complete redesign, new acoustic treatments and audio equipment. A new control and mix studio was also designed that doubles up as a wellbeing suite.

“It was critical for us to work with the young people who use the facilities, to understand what drives them and what will inspire them so the facilities would be a place they will be proud of and would want to be.” said Eloise Veale, Veale Associates’ Creative Director

The development is part of the Rugby Portobello Trusts programme to enrich and expand horizons for children & young people in North Kensington. The Trust has seen many famous artists through its doors over the years including a young Rita Ora, AJ Tracey and Big Zuu. Amplify Studios will not only provide its existing users with professional studios but support RPT’s ethos of being a safe haven by removing barriers to entry and allowing young people to develop their strengths and creativity, and to communicate and collaborate. Amplify Studios will be an example of what’s possible when musicians and community embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, and work with young people using music and technology. Amplify Studios will provide a crossover of professional and amateur experiences to provide advanced job skills and opportunities in creative industries.

“The project proved to be a significant success due to its time line. Most projects of this kind have minimum lead time of 4 months for design and install and VA only had 6 weeks due to the nature of the programme,” said Eddie Veale, Veale Associates’ head consultant. “All acoustic projects are different, and this one presented the particular challenge of designing a set of studios to a very tight program. We are thrilled to be part of this project supporting the Rugby Portobello Trust to meet their aspirations for the community of North Kensington.”

“Veale Associates has transformed our studio spaces. The team has done an amazing job and every detail has been designed around the young people’s ideas without compromising the quality of the sound. Already the feedback has been fantastic: our young people can’t wait to get in there and start making their own music,”  Mark Simms, CEO of the Rugby Portobello Trust.