Vowlume Productions See Brands Reach Full Potential

A new service has been launched to offer artists, studios and business full audio video production.

The service aimed at musicians, studio owners and manufacturers will give inspiring audio visual content to promote their brand, products and services.

Award winning sound engineer Ilias Gogakis known for his work with the likes of IPhaze, Valcata and Anna Capone Papas, World Wide Musicians United and Producer/Director Margarita Tsirigoti known for her work with the Eurovision Contest and World Wide Musicians United understand how difficult it can be to stand out from the crowd. “Whether you’re a musician launching a new album or a manufacturer launching a new product, we understand that you need to be heard through the noise. Using creative and compelling content we tell a story that enables brands to be heard. We are here to listen, guide and collaborate, creating completely unique and bespoke video” said Margarita. “The aim of Vowlume is to enable everyone to access fresh and unique ideas needed to stand out. If you can imagine it we can create it.

“In addition to brand strategy and motion-media we also bring full audio production along with engineering tips and production advice,” said Ilias. “What matters most is identity and when combined with high quality music creative ideas, storyboards and strong themes we give people a chance to shine.”

Ilias and Margarita bring over 15 years of experience to each production and combine creative advice with professional feedback to create a truly bespoke video. Vowlume offers musicians, studios and business a platform on which they can create unique productions that tell their story, generate leads, and connect in a unique way.