ORF Puts Austrian Audio Mics Through Their Paces

Austrian Audio OC818, OC18 microphones and OCR8 Bluetooth dongles were recently put through their paces by the Austrian Public Service Media Broadcaster, ORF.

Austrian Audio OC818 and OC18 microphones were recently used by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) on various orchestral instruments. Austrian Audio’s OC818 microphones with OCR8 Bluetooth dongles were used on various horns, while the OC18s were used on cello and harp, outperforming other microphones used at the same location. The Austrian Audio microphones were also tried out with guitar amps and as drum overheads.

ORF first tested the microphones in its own radio and TV studios for vocals and spoken word, where they are said to have performed nicely compared to the existing studio microphones, and were later put to use for two high profile TV productions in the concert hall, which were broadcast internationally. The engineers responsible for those tests were Martin Gamperl and Martin Leitner, sound engineers for TV and radio at the ORF – who both played a key role in broadcasting the productions in Austria and also worldwide.

The OC818 microphone encapsulates a classic analogue design featuring a carefully handcrafted CKR12 ceramic capsule – designed and constructed by Austrian Audio’s team of experts in Vienna. Based on the CK12 metallic capsule, the CKR12 ensures a pristine sonic performance, and due to the stability of the new materials, ensures that any two microphones can work as a matched pair.