Brown Bear Audio Expands Roster Of Remote Sound Specialists

Brown Bear Audio has expanded its roster of remote sound specialists to meet the potential increase in demand due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

As specialists in remote workflows for audio post-production they have seen a significant increase in demand as media companies respond to the potential need for locking down business premises and adopting remote working.

With a strong focus on talent, Brown Bear prides itself on offering some of the best in the industry. With a long list of broadcast credits to their name the team now includes dubbing mixers, sound designers, dialogue editors, sound editors, ADR recordists and composers enabling them to offer a comprehensive audio post solution.

Each member of the team has their own facilities with a full range of remote recording and review tools for editorial sign-off. This allows for a scalable, collaborative workflow for larger project and the flexibility to increase capacity depending on demand.

Adopting a remote workflow has a number of benefits for producers, not only in ensuring business continuity in the wake of the Coronavirus epidemic but also in utilising the lower cost of working remotely, thus significantly reducing the cost of completing their audio post-production.