Silent London Captured Through A 360 Degree Binaural Headphone Experience

Will Cohen, sound designer, composer and one of the founders of String and Tins, has completed a series of rare binaural recordings of London. Documenting the sounds of the capital in these unprecedented times he tells the story of a silenced city.

With an affinity for London, Cohen decided to document and share how the city sounds now that we are in lockdown to combat the coronavirus. “In the final days before London was shut down, I made recordings of the areas that I care about as a Londoner,” said Cohen. “From documenting spots where I skated as a teenager, to areas I have worked in, I wanted to see what familiar sounds still resonated at this unprecedented time. I used the binaural microphone technique as the physics behind this method of sound capture, truly immerse you in the environment captured.”

Using a DPA 4560 Core Binaural headset, the Sound Devices 744T ultra-portable, four-track file-based digital audio recorder and Mix Pre 3 recorders, Will captured the starkly different soundscape of London’s top locations including Leicester Square, Westminster, Charing Cross Station, Trafalgar Square and The Bank of England.