G-Technology to Display Thunderbol 3 Pro SSD Solutions at IBC

Gamechangers – Thunderbolt 3 SSD Speed Demons
Shows like IBC and Cinec are ideal for reviewing new solutions to current workflow and location challenges, while future-proofing for emerging standards.
Conference topics including “Gamechangers” and “New Technologies, New Boundaries, New Challenges”, underpin a focus on adapting to an increasingly agile, higher resolution and mobile production environment. G-Technology’s range of Thunderbolt 3 Pro SSD solutions are ideally positioned for current and future challenges, on the go and in the studio. 

Thundering On
As USB can’t keep up with the speed of the latest generation SSDs, Thunderbolt 3 is now widely available on both Mac and PC, with HP, Lenovo and Dell featuring it across their prosumer and workstation ranges. This enables the G-Drive mobile Pro SSD to deliver an experience parallel to working off your internal drive.

Solid State Savings
The formerly humble sneaker-net drive is now a fully-fledged pocket sized powerhouse with speeds higher than an 8 bay RAID! Every minute saved in a hotel room, airport lounge or edit suite adds up, whether it’s deleting files on your squeezed main drive to make room for projects, copying files back and forth, preview latency, creating proxies, lag while editing high res multiangle, rendering time, exporting…SSDs increase productivity and reduce frustration!

David Newton: Filmmaker, Photographer – www.photopositive.co.uk
I wanted to see how just how fast they were, so I ran some benchmarks. To say I was impressed is an understatement. The biggest shock to me came when I first ingested some 4K ProRes RAW, shot on a Canon C300 Mark II and Atomos Shogun Inferno, to the drives and started looking at them in the edit. Scrubbing, playback, editing – it was all so smooth I had to keep checking to make sure I was indeed looking at the RAW files! Given that editing is the biggest time-loss in a video production, the investment in an SSD based workflow is repaid time and again on projects. Transcoding is now a thing of the past and the editing process is so slick and easy that 4K RAW is not just possible, but practical, rapid and fuss-free. Combined with the compact size and rugged nature of the drives, I can work remotely, edit on location and know that my data is safe and secure. The concept of going back to a HDD based workflow? That holds about as much joy as telling a farmer to use a hand plough.” 

Nino Leitner: Director of Photography – ninofilm.net
“Sometimes you have to offload during the shooting day – like when some footage needs to be reviewed or sent off location immediately for post-production. That’s exactly where a small and compact drive like the G-Drive mobile Pro SSD comes into play. When I am alone on a mountain with my small drone I need to see the shots right after I am done to decide whether I really got what I need. And time is always critical – as a cinematographer, I am often chasing the beautiful natural sunlight. Having a drive like this which allows me to offload super-fast really makes a difference. And that is true for footage from a small drone like this one or a big one the delivers a lot more data, using RAW footage.”  

Emmanuel Pampuri: Filmmaker, Photographer and DP – www.pampuri.net
“This is the SSD storage I’ve been dreaming about!  Super-fast, robust and efficient storage, with no limitations in terms of bandwidth used to be something exclusive to big RAID systems for desktop workstations. Now G-Technology has changed the rules.  My backups are incredibly fast and I can do comprehensive editing whether I am on location or in the studio.”