What’s in the Frame at this year’s IBC?

This year over 50 per cent of all new digital video produced was played on mobile devices and there is no doubt that this will be a hot topic at this year’s IBC 2018 conference and exhibition.
Studio cameras are using higher frame rates for slow motion plays and there are several cameras that can be switched to operate in live broadcast.
So with this in mind let’s take a look at what you the audience have the pleasure of previewing at this year’s IBC show.

Zhiyun is to launch Weebill, a new series of stabilisers for mirrorless cameras.
The firm will also reveal a new version of its Crane stabiliser for professional cameras – Crane 3 Lab.
Weebill is a new series of light weight stabilisers addressing the high demand for use of mirrorless cameras. Weebill Lab is the first product of this new lineup. Crane 3 Lab, which not only builds on the legacy of Crane 2 with trademark motor strength, excellent precision control and high-efficiency performance, but also integrates with a new design concept and delivers even more powerful functionality. Further details will be announced at IBC.
IBC 2018 visitors will also get a chance to get their hands on Zhiyun’s award-winning products including:
Crane 2: The world’s first three-axis camera stabiliser with follow focus control was named winner of the 2018 Red Dot Design Award. Designed for DSLRs weighing up to 3.2kg (7.05lbs), such as the Canon EOS, the Crane 2 integrates 32-bit × 3 high-speed MCU parallel control technology, which realises film-grade smoothness and unrivaled stable performance. Crane 2 was also recognised as outstanding by Australia’s Good Design Award 2018 as winner in the Product Design category. Crane Plus: As a more economic option to prosumers that supports camera payloads of 2.5kg featuring POV mode.
Smooth 4: Turns a smartphone into professional filmmaking equipment. It features an industry-first follow focus hand-wheel on a mobile gimbal, allowing smooth zooming and precise focusing; and a unique control panel that allows users to adjust parameters directly through hot keys without needing to touch the phone screen. Smooth 4 was named a CES Asia 2018 Innovation Awards honouree.
Zhiyun will also display at IBC, a wide range of accessories including motion sensor remote controller, dual handle, mini camera monitor and flexible pipe, which are tailored to different needs in real life applications.

P+S Technik
P+S TECHNIK will show their anamorphic lens series “Evolution 2X”.
The great success of the Evolution 2X lenses, which are matching the look of the original KOWA, encouraged us to make the 135mm a perfect match.
The Evolution 2X lenses are built the same design principle. The 135 mm has new front anamorphic elements, to reach the light intensity and a compact design. The wide angle, a 32 mm, will be at IBC and starts shipping in Q4.
Since September 2017 P+S TECHNIK is delivering the Evolution 2X anamorphic lenses (for S35 format). Over 150 lenses with the focal length 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm have already been delivered. “The success of the Evolution 2X lenses was overwhelming us”, says Alfred Piffl (founder of P+S TECHNIK). We also have increased the output of the production (premium quality) within the last month.

A main focus at IBC2018 for Panasonic will be ‘live production’ with all related products, solutions and collaborations.
Visitors will be able to see their extensive remote camera line up, including the new AW-UE150 4k PTZ and the AW-RP150 controller as well as our NDI|HX support models.
The firm will showcase their signature VariCam® cameras in different configurations and the AU-EVA1 4K camcorder at IBC 2018. One of the configuration is the 4K Super 35 mm Varicam LT with the AK-HRP1000/1005 remote operational panels allows full paint features, scene file selection, remote REC control, remote camera reboot, and call functionality. Return video and tally management enables real multi-camera operation, whereas various shooting modes allow productions to apply different shading and/or grading on internal recording and video outputs.

IMT and Vislink
IMT and Vislink are heading to this year’s IBC Show with a range of wireless camera transmitters and satellite solutions.
The companies will showcase the MicroLite 2, HCAM and IMTDragonFly wireless camera transmitters, Vislink AirPro 75Ka two-axis motorised driveaway antenna system and additional broadcast products on Stand 1.A69 in Amsterdam.
The MicroLite 2 system is a highly portable professional-grade COFDM HD wireless camera transmission link capable of providing high-quality video at distances over two miles, line-of-sight (LOS). IMT’s COFDM technology ensures the transmission of uninterrupted, live TV pictures over long ranges, despite the effects of foliage, challenging terrain, buildings and other common non-line-of-sight limitations.
HCAM is a HEVC 4K UHD wireless transmitter which supports applications such as ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and premium live sports broadcasts. It features user-interchangeable RF modules and a range of software options – including the capability to be HDR Ready. With highly flexible and configurable mounting options and intuitive video interfaces, the unit can be mounted to broadcast cameras, ENG cameras and prosumer cameras.
The IMTDragonFly is a miniature transmitter designed to capture real-time, high-quality video from unmanned air and ground vehicles, bodycams and concealments for display on fixed or mobile receive devices. The transmitter features HD/SD-SDI or optional HDMI inputs with COFDM transmission in a small, lightweight chassis. The IMTDragonFly delivers up to 100mW of power in a package weighing less than 1.2 ounces/34 grams, providing long range, reliable HD video transmission.
The Vislink AirPro 75Ka is a small, lightweight, single-button deployment IP satellite data terminal for use with Eutelsat’s Tooway™ service. The Vislink AirPro-75 features a fully motorised, driveaway antenna system and a 75cm Ka-Band antenna. The terminal can be roof-mounted to any vehicle and makes an instant broadband connection possible anywhere. The antenna is controlled using the Web interface built into the controller. The system is designed for use by non-technical people and operation is simply a matter of opening the app and selecting ‘deploy’.

AVIWEST is to showcase the latest advancements of its live video contribution and distribution systems technology at IBC 2018.
First-Class HEVC Remote Field Unit Boosts Video Quality, Reduces Data Consumption
AVIWEST will unveil its all-new PRO3 Series, which includes an integrated H.265/HEVC hardware encoder in the most compact design enclosure available. Using the PRO3, video professionals can seamlessly provide high-quality news and event coverage, while supporting the HEVC video standard.
With up to 12 network links (eight cellular modems, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet), a high-efficiency custom antenna array, and AVIWEST SafeStreams® technology, the new PRO3 Series allows broadcasters to deliver better video quality while consuming less data. Providing high versatility, the PRO3 Series is the ideal companion for on-the-go video professionals that need a robust and reliable solution.
New Uplink System Sets the Benchmark for On-the-Go Live Video Production
Featuring a powerful, ultra-lightweight design, the AIR Series is perfect for on-the-go video professionals, providing them with portable, versatile, and affordable solutions.
Integrating best-in-class hardware encoders, the series enables HD and SD encoding and exceptional video quality. Featuring up to six network links (four cellular modems, one internal Wi-Fi, and one Ethernet), a three-hour internal battery, and AVIWEST’s SafeStreams® technology, the AIR Series allows broadcasters to stream live videos seamlessly and store and forward recorded content — even during unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions.
State-of-the-Art 4K and Multi-HD Video Encoding and Distribution
AVIWEST’s HE4000 4K UHD HEVC live encoder is ideal for real-time delivery of UHD and HD content over unmanaged IP networks. The compact, half 1-RU encoder combines 10-bit and 4:2:2 HEVC encoding with the latest generation of SafeStreams® technology for delivery of live video content over IP at low latencies and bit rates.
The HE4000 encoder will be showcased with the recent QUAD CellLink, an external 3G/4G-LTE cellular transmission solution that embeds four last-generation 3G/4G-LTE cellular modems with their SIM cards. Together, it’s the perfect companion for broadcasters that need higher performance and enhanced connection reception in critical conditions for live video transmission over bonded cellular networks. A powerful alternative to traditional satellite or microwave transmissions, AVIWEST’s solution reduces the high costs associated with these alternative methods.

This is an opportunity for you to get hands on with some of the latest camera equipment in the industry.
Learn about 4K video in its various forms, concentrating on Ultra HD, and see how dynamic range and HDR work, and why they are major talking points in the AV media community.
This is definitely a show not to be missed.