Van Diemen Leica Conversions – Smooth, Warm, Beautiful with Extreme Close Focus

Our Leica IWF (Inverted Wireform™) conversions are now in production with the first one completed and with its new owner.

A very lightweight and compact lens with a revolutionised design of the focus movement which has enabled us to improve the close focus and provide enhanced macro capabilities better than other Leica conversions available in the current market place.

The Van Diemen conversion also maintains the full coverage allowed by the optical design, exceeding the 24 x 36 frame, while also singing the merits of the close focus. Although the design has been revolutionised, the original qualities of the Van Diemen conversions have been maintained such as the variable pitch movement resulting in better spacing on focus scales, minimal to non-existent requirement for servicing and the smooth consistent light travel.
This Van Diemen conversion design will also lend itself to any of the commonly used desirable lenses: Canon K35, Canon FD, Nikkor, Contax Zeiss or indeed any vintage lens or any other full frame stills lens.

These images have been taken by Mark Warmington, DOP, using his Van Diemen Leica conversion.

He said: “I love my Leica R Summilux conversions from Van Diemen.  The Leica R look is well known to be wonderfully distinctive and characterful, with smooth bokeh, warm tonality and beautiful contrast. The option of having them in robust housings, with repeatable, increased rotation focus for my 1st AC and solid PL mounts turns these lenses into a great professional option for cinematographers. The improved close focus performance achieved by the Van Diemen conversion is also a big plus, as is the fact that optics cover full frame 35mm, making them a sound investment for years to come.”