E-Mount Lenses – perfect for the Sony FS7

The Sony FS-7 and now FS-7 Mk II are amongst the most popular mid-range 4K cameras around today and whilst they are compatible with either EF mount or PL mount lenses with suitable adapters, the FS7 series cameras are fitted with a native lens mount E mount or APS-C format and it is not commonly known that lenses actually exist which can be fitted directly to these cameras without needing an adapter.
This is a shame, as there are some useful lenses available to the film maker today and this article explores the advantages of using native APS-C or E mount lenses and details the range of lenses available today.
In case you are confused with the naming convention, there is no difference between E Mounts or Sony α Mount and as these are all different names for the same mount. APS-C format represents the image size, which is very comparable to Super-35 and is independent of lens mount, though this is often used with E Mount lenses.
For easy reading, I shall refer to this mount as an E-mount, rather than calling it an E-Mount/APS-C/Sony α Mount.

Why does the E-format exist?
Without going into the boring bits about image sensor compatibilities and available space to sensor to permit multiple lens options etc, the important thing here to note is that:

  • Native EF mount cameras are NOT compatible with PL adapters (C300, 5D, Blackmagic), – The native E mount cameras (Sony FS7, A7S Mk II etc) are compatible with both EF and PL adapters to allow both EF mount and PL lenses to be used. This is a great advantage, since there are an enormous range of EF and PL lenses available today, all of which are compatible to use giving a huge choice to choose from.