Broadcast Electronics Launches CCC-1 RCP Control

Broadcast Electronics Limited has announced the launch of CCC-1, a unique device interfacing Sony Remote Control Panels (RCP) with the colour correction features of Standards Converters including the Blackmagic Teranex product range. Putting colour correction at the fingertips of vision engineers.There are many situations where standards converters are used to adjust the colour balance and other aspects of a live video feed.

The CCC-1 marries the familiar ergonomics of the RCP with the colour correction features of the standards converter, enabling vision engineers to paint/shade any video source. Adjustment of the overall gain, black level, red, blue and green gain, saturation and sharpness can be controlled from the RCP while standards conversion including scaling to UHD, synchronising and legalising can be performed by the Teranex.Typical applications include live colour correction of any outside source to a main programme, colour correction of specialist minicams including action cams and DSLR cameras and colour correction of in-vision video screens.The CCC-1 is built into a convenient 1U 1/3 width form factor.

Connection between the CCC-1 and the Teranex can be made by CAT5 cable or via an IP network. Simply point the CCC-1 to the IP address of the Teranex to start control. Connection to the RCP is by the 8-pin data connector. All cables and power accessories are supplied so the system works out of the