Grass Valley to unveil New Solutions with More Flexibility

Behind the Lens talks to Klaus Weber, Principal Camera Solutions & Technology at Grass Valley, the number one player in content and media technology with market leading solutions.

He talks about the firms LDX 86 Series Cameras which deliver a number of advantages for consumers – the only solution on the market that enables users to change the pixel size between native 4K and native HD inside CMOS imagers.Grass Valley showcased its LDX 86 Series Cameras at NAB in New York. What benefits do they have compared to other products on the market?
The LDX 86 Series and LDX 86N Series cameras deliver a number of advantages for our customers. Thanks to Grass Valley’s unique DPMUltra functionality, we are able to offer the only solution on the market that enables users to change the pixel size between native 4K and native HD inside CMOS imagers. This capability delivers outstanding quality in high speed HD operation while allowing users to benefit from native 4K pixels for single speed operation.

Additionally, the two-piece camera design provides a flexible camera transmission offering. The latest additions to our Fiber and Triax transmission adapters, introduced at IBC 2018, are dedicated 4K and high speed capable wireless transmission solutions. For added flexibility, Grass Valley’s unique cradle concept for the camera base stations allows users to reconfigure production facilities, giving them better equipment utilization.

For customers looking at IP options, the Direct IP and Direct IP+ interfaces provide a choice of solutions for seamless remote productions. Cameras and base stations can be seamlessly connected over IP infrastructures and COTS IP-switches.   

How was the show and how important are trade shows to Grass Valley?
NAB New York was very positive for us. Our customers are central to everything we do, so trade shows and industry events are valuable opportunities for us to interact directly with broadcasters, media organizations and service providers. This gives us a chance to hear first-hand about the challenges their businesses are facing, and what we can do to help overcome them.

Euro Media Group recently selected Grass Valley’s UHD FR cameras to capture sports and live event coverage around the world. They complemented EMG’s UHD wireless technology. How does Grass Valley continue to deliver higher quality?

Grass Valley has a long history and deep expertise in live production – we understand what our customers need and know that ensuring the highest quality is critical. Our cameras, together with the HDR capabilities of our video production switchers, multi-viewers and modular equipment, deliver a single layer native HDR workflow. This ensures that the highest quality SDR signals are derived as conversion occurs at the output of the production chain rather than during it.
Grass Valley recently invested in the latest 4K studio/field and ENG lenses from Canon and Fujinon. The firm is continuing to invest in 4K equipment. Is the demand for 4K/UHD cameras and lenses growing at a rapid pace?
There is a growing demand for 4K/UHD and HDR cameras and lenses, but this differs from region to region and from customer to customer. We still have many customers asking for HD camera systems.

Next generation production formats combine resolution, dynamic range and color gamut (e.g. 1080p with HDR and WCG), and this doesn’t always require 4K cameras. With our large and growing camera portfolio, Grass Valley is strongly positioned to serve all the different requirements with optimized solutions.

The firm has also unveiled its T2 4K Series digital recorder/player solution which helps broadcasters handle audio and video play out in any format. What makes this product unique?

To take on the challenges of the current market environment, our customers need flexibility and agility to adapt to changing production needs. Greater efficiency is also increasingly critical to broadcasters, and this is what the T2 4K Series digital recorder/player delivers. Not only does the system support a wide range of applications, but it can seamlessly handle a range of codecs (4K DCI/4K UHD/HD/SD) and file formats to ensure fast turnaround productions with zero compromise.

Grass Valley continues to address market challenges head on. How does the firm stay ahead of the competition?Grass Valley is dedicated to delivering solutions that address real-world challenges that our customers face. We see our role as enabling broadcasters and media organizations to find the solutions that best support their business strategy. Additionally, we are an R&D powerhouse with an unmatched product roadmap driving the industry’s largest R&D engine. This is a powerful combination that has cemented our position as the Number 1 player in content and media technology.
What product innovations is Grass Valley currently working on?
Our R&D teams are working on several new and interesting products; more details will be available nearer the release dates. What you can expect to see are new solutions that deliver more flexibility in how cameras are used as well as better camera control functionality.