Hague Announce the new K9 Camcrane Camera Jib

Hague Camera Supports have just released an updated version of their K9 Camera Jib which now provides customers with even more value for money. The new Hague K9 Camcrane provides smooth movement from ground level to over 5m in height and is ideal for camera set-ups that weigh up to 2.5kg. This makes it a great camera jib for a variety of cinema cameras, camcorders and DSLR cameras.

The Hague K9 camera jib is quick and easy to set up and can be used at two different lengths. It is supplied with its own adjustable height jib stand and will pan a full 360 degrees on the stand. The jib offers a variable tilt control facility which allows you to tilt the camera up and down when it is attached to the crane.

The camera fastens directly to the new camera plate, which has been redesigned to offer greater adjustment for DSLR and cinema cameras. The pulley system then creates the tilt adjustment, or it can be locked off to keep the camera level as the crane is raised or lowered. The camera pulley can also be locked off to any position, so you can have the camera pointing directly up or down, which creates some unusual shots.

The jib can be set up at two different lengths with the full length reaching over 5m in height whereas the shorter length keeps it more compact and provides a vertical crane movement of 3.45m. At the shorter length the support cable is not required, and two pulley tilt cables are provided, one for each length.