Specialist Insurance Broker MediaRoo launches THREE new schemes for the media industry (and one is for FREELANCERS!)

If you are a freelance camera operator, sound recordist, videographer/journalist/self-shooter, audio/visual technician or similar, then read this.
Andrew Leen, founder of specialist media insurance brokerage MediaRoo has announced THREE new insurance schemes for those working in the TV or Film industry.

Hot off the press are two schemes, available exclusively from MediaRoo, right now. These are aimed at two distinct groups for whom Andrew has been arranging insurance for the last 14 years or so – Production/Post-production companies, and FREELANCERS. Not resting on his laurels, a third scheme will be announced shortly, with a number of other schemes for different media client groups already being planned.

Andrew explained: “Freelancers are self-employed people who work really hard at their craft and we define them as those who carry out work on a flexible basis, and who usually work for several clients on various projects. They operate as Limited Companies or individuals.

“They not only require an annual insurance product that meets their demands, but they also need a really competitive premium. The freelancers that I know take great care of their equipment, as they know that, without it, they would struggle to work and pay their bills. This positive attribute surely has to be reflected in the premium that they pay, and I think we’ve done just that.”

The Freelancer policy from MediaRoo provides ‘All Risks’ cover for your kit on a ‘Worldwide’ basis, taking away the issue of how to safely split your kit between UK, EU or Worldwide territories. This approach also alleviates the uncertainty of whether you are covered in the ‘EU’, or indeed in ‘Europe’, as these two definitions actually mean different things, and means that you don’t have to keep chopping and changing things as jobs come up. Simple.

There are currently 40 countries around the globe that are excluded, and most insurers will have their own similar list – these are usually those that are politically unstable, experiencing hostilities, or where the Foreign Office have advised against travel (such as Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria, for example).

In addition to your own kit, any Hired in Equipment can also be covered. It is normal practice that if you damage the equipment and can’t return it on time, the hire company can continue to charge you the hire rate until they are compensated. As long the damage is insured, these ‘Continuing Hire Charges’ are also automatically covered up to £100,000, and you can choose to increase this, if you need to.

Another benefit provided to Freelancers is that the policy will meet the cost to hire in replacement equipment or props, sets and wardrobe whilst any claim is being sorted out, allowing you to carry on working until the repaired kit is returned to you. Excellent!

Going into detail, Andrew said: “MediaRoo wanted to make sure, as far as possible, that the freelancers we insure have an uninterrupted working life should the worse happen to their equipment, as these are their tools of trade.

“We also offer Worldwide Employers Liability cover, as we know some freelancers may employ others from time-to-time (for example a camera assistant), and this protects our policyholders from injury claims that those working under their supervision may suffer.

“In addition, our Worldwide Public Liability coverage allows the freelancer to choose the level of cover they require – as little as £2 million, a more robust £5m, or a hefty £10m – and we cover claims that are brought against our policyholder in the courts of the USA or Canada, which some insurers exclude.”

This new offering from MediaRoo will no doubt appeal to those freelancers who have always found it difficult to know where to look for a sensible deal.. “I would encourage Freelancers who are looking to test their current insurance, or who don’t know where to find quality cover at a competitive price, to get in touch. Just get an alternative option from us. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!”

For an immediate quote, call Andrew on 07983 741101 and he’ll take care of you. You can also drop him an email at andrew@mediaroo-insurance.co.uk

Alternatively, MediaRoo have a web page to register your interest in advance of your renewal date for this and their other insurance schemes launching in 2019 – you can even suggest your own!

Visit www.mediaroo-insurance.co.uk/RegisterInterest and simply leave your renewal date and contact details, and you’ll receive a call-back ahead of time. Nice touch!