NiSi F3 Primes are Now Available: Here’s Everything You Need to Know about the New Kids on the Block

Since being announced last year, the F3 range of full-frame prime lenses from the excellent glass manufacturer, NiSi, have been eagerly anticipated by an industry that’s keen to embrace a new range of high-quality, compact form-factor, and great value lenses.
Available now in 25mm T2.1, 35mm T2.0, 50mm T2.0, 75mm T2.0 and 100mm CF T2.0 formats, there have been a good number of queries measured at the new range, too. Mike Tapa from Official Reseller MTF Services is keen to clarify these for anyone interested in getting their hands on the range.
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Where does the name F3 come from?
The ‘F’ in F3 stands for ‘Full-Frame’. The lenses are all designed for full frame cameras and are extremely versatile, coming complete with PL, Canon EF and Sony E Mounts. Mounts for other systems can be provided separately, although NiSi has told us that they will provide shims to ensure uninterrupted shooting.
The number ‘3’ simply means ‘third generation’ and also refers to the range’s three key design characteristics, i.e. high resolution, low dispersion and retro flare.

What exactly is the relationship between the NiSi F3 range and Bokkelux?
This could well be the most-asked question of them all! The F3 prime lenses belong solely to NiSi since the company took ownership from Bokkelux. Since then, NiSi has made numerous improvements and, being based on the original Bokkelux design, NiSi’s optical and mechanical design engineering experts have re-optimised some key elements to deliver this excellent new range. These include:
Improved accuracy with assembly and improved supply chain for the optical elements
Improved physical attributes, i.e. the weight and calibre of the lenses have been improved with reliability and user assurance being of primary importance.

What about the relationship between the NiSi F3, Kinefinity and MavoPrime?
That’s simple. Kinefinity is a partner of NiSi’s. Their engineers have modified the industrial design for the Mavo Prime while retaining the same performance and quality. The newF3 range and Mavo Primes are manufactured exclusively by NiSi.

Will the NiSi F3 Primes come with both imperial and metric markings?
Absolutely. Markings will be in feet and metres.

What are the details for the F3 sales warranty policy and can we expect additions to the range?
NiSi is establishing service centres, including one in Europe. They’ve also told us that we can expect 18mm and 135mm primes coming to light in the near future.

F3 Lens Range Highlights – (a reminder):
• Covers Full-Frame Format, PL Mount/Canon EF Mount/Sony E-Mount
• T2.0-T22 click-less aperture range
• Ultra-Low Dispersion
• High Resolution
• Retro cinema-style housing
• 12-Blade Iris
• Same physical attributes across the lens range
•Geared focus and iris control rings

Mike Tapa, Managing Director, MTF Services, told Behind the Lens: “We’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of this new range of lenses to the European market. It’s a significant step forward for the NiSi brand and, whilst we’ve been championing the filters for some time now due to their exceptional quality and value, the lenses elevate the brand into another space altogether.”
Mike continued: “NiSi has come a long way with their ability to produce excellent filmmaking products.The brand is quickly being recognised for the quality that comes with their 20+ year heritage, along with their in-house R&D facility. Many premium features come as standard with most products in the NiSi range; they are quickly becoming the trusted brand of choice for many filmmakers worldwide.These new lenses will only serve to perpetuate that growth and brand trust.”

The new F3 prime lenses cover full-frame format which is compatible with ARRI Alexia LF, Red MonstroVV, Panavision DXL2, SONY Venice and Canon C700FF, along with ‘future-proofing’ for other cameras that we will see arriving as the new system develops.

The new lenses cover 46.5mm format sensors, allowing filmmakers full creative control and opening up a broad range of cinematic possibilities.

Pure Performance in Film
The new F3 lenses from NiSi and MTF Services offer filmmakers advanced resolution and perfect dispersion control, image contrast and flare; all housed in a stylish, retro housing.

The entire F3 series of lenses share the same physical attributes, allowing for the simple and time-efficient fitting of lens accessories, along with the native ‘Sensed presence’ technology, which provides users with the ability to shoot with beautiful bokeh. The native apochromatic optical design results in excellent ratio/axial dispersion performance, giving a pure and natural colour, with almost no purple/green fringing within focus and in bokeh.

Get Set with a Full Set & Save

MTF Services is offering a special deal to coincide with the availability of NiSi F3 Lenses. All lenses will be available as a specially designed F3 kit, which will include a complete set of lenses, from 25-100mm, along with a free NiSi 4×5.65 Allure Mist white 1/4 filter, a free NiSi 4×5.65 Allure Mist Black 1/4 filter and a free NiSi 4×5.65 Polarizer, all packaged in a tough NiSi hardshell case.

Cost of complete set, (including free filters): £9,999.00

For any further information, or to arrange a trial of the new NiSi F3 Lenses, contact Mike Tapa at MTF Services:
Tel: +44 [0]20 8881 7850.