Affordable Wireless Video Arrives in UK

In the digital-age, wireless video has become an accepted process on many sets. Suddenly, it is practical to monitor a camera feed in video village – without wires – and the camera is free to move around set.

Operating on the 5GHz frequency range, CVW wireless video solutions are secure & reliable. Unique anti-interreference algorithms ensure a clean and consistent signal at all times.

All models incorporate HDMI & SDI connectors, both as input to the transmitter and output from the receiver, fully-supporting 1920x1080p up-to 60 frames per second.

Transmitters & receivers are constructed with strong all-metal housings which are both durable & lightweight. Transmitters can be mounted to any camera using one of the 1/4″ tapped holes, V-Mount style docking, or rough & ready with gaffer tape.

Many features are standard across all products, but the range can be split into two distinct categories – BeamLink & Pro-Series. Uniquely, BeamLink supports multiple transmitters on a sole RF channel to a single receiver. Pro-Series operates typically on a 1 transmitter to 1 receiver basis.

Available in two channel (BEAMLINK-DUO) and four channel (BEAMLINK-QUAD) variants, BeamLink is the ultimate solution for multi-camera live production. BeamLink achieves simultaneous wireless transmission of multiple camera feeds with ultra-low latency of less than 70ms. Each transmitter dynamically evaluates the current latency, identically matching the processing time to guarantee frame-accurate synchronised arrival at the receiver.

Tally, timecode & start/stop trigger signals are also supported by BeamLink, in addition to RTSP IP streaming capability. Utilising BeamLink at a conference, concert or sporting event accelerates rigging, setup & breakdown.

Pro-Series is offered in three models; PRO-200, PRO-300 & PRO-800. Transmission distance is indicated in the model name, with PRO-200 capable of up-to 200 metres line of sight wireless operation. Signals are transmitted in real-time, with zero latency.

The plug & play setup makes Pro-Series ideal for smaller teams and the go-to solution for wireless on-set monitoring, be it a camera on sticks, a crane or a roaming Steadicam.

Every CVW product is supplied as a complete kit. Antennas, D-Tap to LEMO power cables, 1/4″ mounts & AC adaptor and are all provided together in a practical bespoke foamed hard case and ready to deploy immediately.

CVW’s wireless video systems are dependable mainstays of professional sets worldwide and are sure to be a big hit in the UK.

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