Getting memory right (SD Card Choices)

There are several key points here including speed, media strength and integrity plus the ability for the memory to function efficiently in the environment you are shooting in. Memory choices should always maximise camera performance, this sounds simplistic and obvious but so often it gets forgotten. Having the right memory for your application is crucial, however this means giving consideration to hardware features and ultimately card specification. The brand of memory you choose has to deliver a solution that’s specific to your demands, one card doesn’t fit all!
Sony’s long history in both the Professional Broadcast and Specialist Camera markets has led to solutions that specifically fit the requirements of professionals. This is highlighted by the World’s Fastest SD card (the Sony SF-G series) and the recent launch of the World’s Strongest and first monolithic SD card that embodies Sony’s one piece production process, the all new Sony TOUGH SD cards offering an amazing 299 Mbp’s write speed (highest speed in market).

To put that in context the TOUGH card can shoot up to 240 uncompressed RAW pictures in less than 25 seconds, its waterproof and has the strength to withstand 18kg industry weight tests.
For those moments that don’t quite go to plan it’s always good to know you still have options. Sony offer a downloadable File Rescue Software* service that gives you the opportunity to attempt recovery of deleted images or videos, this includes RAW images and 4K XAVC-S video files. In addition to File Rescue software, there is the SD Scan Utility. All Flash memory has a limited number of write cycles which gradually reduces as data is overwritten. The SD Scan Utility gives you the option to evaluate the health of your media before you leave for your shoot and as you would expect, all cards have a comprehensive 5 year warranty.

So with the demands of shooting ever faster and higher-resolution images linked with 4K video and mirrorless camera production increase, the need for yet greater capacity, faster card speeds and increased reliability means memory innovation is and will remain a key factor for the avid camera professional.