CRANE 3 LAB – The Pinnacle of stabiliser technology for DSLR Cameras

Behind the Lens speaks exclusively to Zhiyun, the world leader in gimbal stabilizers.
The firm is constantly focusing on product development and continues to bring exciting products to its consumers.

Zhiyun recently unveiled the CRANE 3 LAB. It has been described as the “pinnacle of stabiliser technology for DSLR cameras”. What features does it have that are not found on other stabilisers?
Crane 3 lab is one of the most creative stabilizer ZHIYUN ever have, we’re very proud of this product, it has following unique features:
Revolutionary Structure Design – underslung grip position
Wireless Full HD Image Transmission
Synchronous Zoom & Focus Control
Latch design on each axis
Set camera parameter easily by just pushing one bottom on the gimbal handgrip.

What accessories is the CRANE 3 LAB compatible with?
ZHIYUN designed a series of new accessories for users to have a whole advanced experience with Crane 3 Lab. Like below:
TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear
TransMount Servo Zoom/FocusController (Max)
TransMount Mini Monopod (0.65m extension rod)
TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt
TransMount Quick Setup Kit
TransMount Multifunctional Gimbal Bag
Besides, Crane 3 Lab is compatible with almost all the accessories in the market for it’s using 1/4 inch screw hole.

The CRANE 3 LAB was unveiled during Inter BEE 2018 and other trade shows. What was the feedback about the product, I’m sure it was very positive?
Yes, we’ve showed Crane 3 Lab in many exhibitions already, like IBC in Netherlands, Photokina in Germany, etc. and received thousands of positive feedback from different players  ( end-users, our distributors, international camera brands and etc.) . After Photokina,  we got invitation from Canon Russia for a co-exhibition in Moscow.

How was the show and how important are trade shows to Zhiyun?
All the shows are very important for ZHIYUN, it’s a great opportunity for ZHIYUN to show our new and popular items, and share the features and usage of our products. This is also a great opportunity for ZHIYUN to meet our users, and to listen to their voice.

The firm also recently unveiled the WEEBILL LAB – the latest small handheld gimbal. Can you tell me more about this product and how it will benefit filmmakers?
Weebill Lab is a great gamble for mirrorless cameras, tiny but mighty. It’s product net weight is only 970g, maximum payload up to 3kg, and with the two operating modes(upright mode and underslung mode), filmmaker can keep filming as long as they want, and sweat a lot less. And with the wireless image transmission+ViaTouch+Motion Sensor Control, filmmaker can control the filming with their phone easily. They just have to try and feel how easy our Weebill Lab makes filming become. And if they get to try the new accessories ZHIYUN designed, they’ll love ZHIYUN even more.

What cameras is it currently compatible with?
Weebill lab is compatible with most of the mainstream mirrorless cameras in the market, too. For more details, please check the detailed list we’ll upload to our website.

Zhiyun’s Smooth 4 recently scooped the Good Design Award 2018 – its second award. Can you tell me more about Smooth 4 and what makes it unique in the industry?
Smooth 4 is oriented towards professional filmmakers. First of all, the biggest advantage of ZHIYUN is its military-industry stabilization system. With much technological development over the years, ZHIYUN sets high standards for its products. Its unique control panel can let users easily recognize different operation models and adjust shooting parameters without the need to touch screens. Its hand-wheel can help you change the focus of stabilizer as you want. The design of hot keys can help you take marvellous footage. By introducing AI intelligent shooting system, Smooth 4 can track scenes or capture the flow of time through time lapse shooting. We had integrated Smooth 4 into the FilMic Pro already, which brings end-user more experience possibilities on Smooth 4

Can you tell me what product innovations Zhiyun is currently working on?
ZHIYUN hopes that gimbal can be easier for everyone to use, and we’re working on that direction. Hope we keep bringing people exciting products.

And finally, how does Zhiyun manage to stay ahead of the competition?
Focusing a lot on product development as we always do, always be creative. And in the meantime invest more on marketing.

For further information contact Zhiyun’s UK distributor:
Ron Deprez
Sales Director
Digital Distribution
Tel: O1442 230022