How to become a qualified UAV operator and benefit your business

Within recent years, the popularity of aerial photography and videography has seen an increase in the use of drones within many sectors.
The benefits of using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) are often that you can capture images from inaccessible areas and from a different perspective. The versatility of drones allows this and with only one person needed to operate the drone, they are also cost and time efficient.

If you wish to conduct a commercial operation with your aircraft, then you need to obtain a Permission for Commercial Operation (PFCO) accreditation.
At RUSTA (Remote Unmanned Systems Training Academy), we pride ourselves in being one of the leading providers of Small Unmanned Air System (SUAS) training in the UK.

Owned and operated by Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd, a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved National Qualified Entity (NQE), our instructors are ex-military experts in teaching and instructing candidates to become knowledgeable, proficient and above all, safe SUAS operators.
All of our instructors are from the Royal Air Force and Army Air Corps, with thousands of hours flying experience on both manned and unmanned platforms. Our managing director, Sion Roberts, is experienced in many different aspects of UAV operations and has a strong passion for aerial photography. He was the winner of the 2014 DJI Global Aerial Photography competition.
Specialising in training for all industries in order to fly legally and commercially in the UK, we offer a professional delivery of safe aviation practices. We have previously trained and issued recommendations for PFCO in excess of 1,000 operators and public entities nationwide. Some of our major clients include the BBC, Game of Thrones, the Ministry of Defence and Surrey and Sussex Police.

Our RPCS course is designed for candidates of varying experience and is broken down into three elements; Theory, Operations Manual Production and Flight Assessment. You don’t need ant experience to begin training and our instructors will facilitate every step. 
Once you have gained your PFCO, it is valid for up to 12 months and is subject to an annual renewal. We can assist with this as we have just launched our exclusive Alumni membership package for all RUSTA graduates.
With the rules and regulations in constant flux, as a member of the Alumni, we will take the pressure off you and ensure your documentation is up to standard prior to resubmission. If you need clarification on any airspace or regulatory issues after you have finished the course as part of the Alumni, our instructors will contact you and help in any way they can.