Maser Communications continues to provide the finest products with excellent customer service

Maser Communications exclusively speaks to audiofile about continuing to provide consumers with the best possible solutions and how the company plans to expand its business in the Audio Visual, Home Automation, Broadcast and Telecommunications markets.

Can you tell me more about Maser and when the firm was established?
Established in 1983, the Maser Group has grown into a multinational company with offices in United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand covering the South Pacific and Europe.
The Maser Group’s aim is to provide customers with the very best possible solutions, the finest products and the highest level of service.

Maser stocks a vast range of cables and connectivity products for audio, video, home automation, data and industrial applications. How do you fulfil the requirements of all of your customers?
We endeavour to engage in dialogue as much as possible with all of our customers, to find out the projects in which they are involved in, and if there is anything within our product portfolio that we can supply to them. By talking to our customers, we are able to ensure that our stock holding meets the requirements of the markets that we address.
However, we also use this dialogue to identify any issues or problems that they may be encountering, and any subsequent compromises that are forced upon them by the constraints of what appears to be available. Evolution and innovation are driven by emergent problems. It is our willingness to address those problems, in conjunction with the manufacturers, that allows us to innovate new solutions, and offer them to our extended clientele. Technology that works tends not to be changed.

Maser is the preferred distribution partner for Belden and the firm also stocks Alphawire. You must maintain very close relationships with these firms? The company also announced last year that it had teamed up with Coax Connectors to distribute their RF Connectors?
Maser are proud to be a Silver Partner for Belden and have maintained this status for over 20 years.  Belden Inc. is a global leader in signal transmission and security solutions for mission-critical applications and their quality products can be relied upon.  Our relationship with Alpha Wire Inc., who are a wholly owned subsidiary of Belden Inc., is growing. Through their Xtra-Guard® range, they offer a range of materials that go beyond the physical limitations of PVC, the EcoGen™ range offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to PVC, and their close contact with Coast™ Custom Cable, another Belden Subsidiary, who offer bespoke cable designs and manufacture, allow us to offer solutions to problems that our customers may face.
We teamed up with Coax Connectors to enable us to offer the widest range of connectors to cover all market solutions. Coax Connectors bring years of experience in the RF connector market and are experts at manufacturing and supplying connectors and have the design capability to offer a bespoke solution.

The audio industry is continuing to expand at a very rapid pace, how does Maser keep up with the latest trends?
With the support from our suppliers, who employ specialist in the technology field, we are privy to these new and innovative products.

How does Maser UK select its suppliers?
We have a great understanding of our target market and select the finest suppliers taking into consideration quality of products, production capabilities and the overall service that they offer.

What does the future hold for Maser UK?
To grow our business in the Audio Visual, Home Automation, Broadcast and Telecommunications markets.