Trigger – Audio and Video Sample Player

Trigger is a software application that has been created by professionals with expertise across a range industries. It is the software solution with a modern, efficient and intuitive user interface. Along with an unparalleled feature-set, it offers a fast and efficient work-flow. Easy to use, yet equally capable of handling the most demanding production scenarios. It has been built to handle all your audio playback requirements, whether it be for television, radio, theatre or live events.Trigger’s sophisticated facilities far outstrip that of any comparable software. Because of this, Trigger has established clients throughout the world including USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and the UK, working across a broad range of industries. Trigger is being used on many productions where simply no alternative software solution exists!

• “Awesome GUI, excellent file handling and outstanding latency! Really a fine program… your care and concern… is unparalleled.” Randy Pekich (Emmy Award-winning sound mixer).
• “Superb file management and comprehensive feature list… obviously designed by someone who knows the job and operation very well.” Simon O’Driscoll (TV “Grams” operator).
• “Thanks for all your help and for writing such great software… “ Seth Mitchell (Sound Mixer).
• this is a great application with a lot of functions… we didn’t even dare to dream… last month we did our biggest show “Denn sie wissen nicht was passiert” on RTL Television… this game would not have been possible without Trigger! Remco Deckers (Toningenieur).

With facilities such as musical coda tagging, three-way loops, track rehearsal and real-time parameter slides, no longer will you find yourself depending on third party software to carry out everyday tasks. Everything you require is achievable in the Trigger environment. Many audio formats can be easily imported into your Trigger project, including .mp3 and .m4a, helping to improve your workflow. The software works with the hardware configuration of your choice and offers an unlimited channel count at no extra cost. With multi-platform capability, Trigger will run on PC Windows and Mac OS. Playback can be controlled by mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, midi and LTC time-code. Additionally Trigger can be configured for control by a choice of proprietary external controllers including the Novation – Launchpad and DJ Tech Tools – Midi Fighter. The three key considerations with the ongoing development of Trigger are:• Ease of use• Fast and efficient workflow.• Reliability. Following closely from these three priorities Trigger offers:• A highly flexible and configurable user interface.• A vast selection of features, which are being continuously augmented.

In addition to the features outlined above, specific facilities offered by Trigger include:• Volume, speed and tempo slides• Configurable trigger-target links and salvo control.• Static and dynamic user defined volume curves and envelopes.• Comprehensive and versatile playback logging.• Reverse playback.• LTC time-code reader.• Reverb, echo, EQ and many other effects.
Video playback capabilities include independent video scaling and transitions between video layers.
Trigger is available in two versions, Trigger-Works! and Trigger-Play! Both at an incredibly affordable price. Trigger’s reliability, affordability and advanced capabilities make it the ultimate audio-cue sample player!
But please don’t take our word for it! Download the Trigger software, free from