Mark Yaman Selects PMC Monitoring For Audio Asylum

Build quality, accuracy and phenomenal sound are just some of the reasons why Mark Yaman selected PMC monitoring for Audio Asylum, for his audio post production facility in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“I really love PMC’s attention to detail,” he explained. “When I originally invested in a pair of the PMC monitors, I knew I would be expanding my system later to cater for 5.1. What made this simple was PMC’s willingness to take the serial numbers of my monitors and do resistance matching with the rest of the speakers I needed. There is no other monitor company I know that would go to such great detail for their clients.”

Yaman, who set up Audio Asylum four years ago, is a certified music and post Avid Pro Tools Operator and has been mixing audio for picture for approximately 10 years. His studio is equipped with Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.5, an Avid HD Omni HDX system and an Avid S3 and dock controller. It also now boasts a 5.1 monitoring system based on PMC’s result6 nearfield monitors and a twotwo sub 1, which were supplied by PMC’s South African distributor Benjamin Pro Audio. This is proving ideal for Audio Asylum because it offers a perfect balance between quality and price point.

“I absolutely love the accuracy of the result6 monitors and how old mixes translate so well on them,” Yaman said. “It took very little time for my ears to adjust to listening to them and to date I have had no listening fatigue at all. I can vouch for the fact that they have a very wide sweet spot and I love their ability to translate accurately at extremely low levels. This has really aided me with dynamics in my mixes in a way that I didn’t even consider in the past.”

Audio Asylum is a privately owned facility and is currently housed in a bigger facility called Rothesay Avenue Studios, which is also home to a lot of other creative companies. While each company has its own clients there is the option of collaborating on projects together, Yaman explains. At present, Audio Asylum’s main business is supplying audio post services to Africa’s biggest broadcaster M-Net/MultiChoice, mainly for prime time Nigerian telenovelas, but the company has also worked on a few TV documentaries, independent short films and television shows for other production companies and broadcasters.