Soularity Sound Relies On NUGEN Audio

Working with independent filmmakers allows post-production audio professionals the opportunity to put an extra stamp of creativity on their projects.

This is exactly the type of work that Korey Pereira, MSPE member and owner/creative director of Austin-based post house, Soularity Sound, and his team take pride in producing. In order to continually deliver captivating content with pristine audio with which his company has become synonymous, Pereira relies on a selection of plug-ins from NUGEN Audio.
Among the most commonly utilized NUGEN plug-ins at Soularity Sound are the Loudness Toolkit (VisLM 2, ISL 2 and LM-Correct 2) and Halo Upmix. “I use the VisLM on absolutely everything we mix in Pro Tools,” said Pereira. “I like how the ISL limiter works, and it’s very easy to use. I also incorporate Halo Upmix any time I am mixing in surround. I like to use the Halo Upmix with music – I find that music just sounds better and it just fills in the surrounds nicely. I also like to put it on my backgrounds when it fits the project.”

Reliability is among the biggest factors that plays into the use of NUGEN at Soularity. “I like that NUGEN’s products are really easy to use; it just works,” adds Pereira. “Halo Upmix is very utilitarian, and it sounds better than any other upmixing tool. If you are talking about using an upmixing tool versus just panning in backwards, Halo Upmix sounds so much more natural. It fills up the space in a way that’s just much more organic.”

For Pereira, no matter his role on a project, the spoken word is key. “I’m always concerned with the intelligibility and clarity of the dialogue and I like to build around that,” he said. “I do a lot of work as a dialogue editor, so of course it’s important in that process. When I’m mixing or doing sound design, I’m always thinking about how those other elements are interacting with the dialogue. I want to make sure that the spoken word is heard and that it is supported by everything around it. By incorporating NUGEN’s tools into that process, it makes my life so much easier.”

In the independent film format, Pereira often finds that he works alongside the directors and filmmakers in the creative planning process. “My first goal is to do a big theatrical mix for playing at festivals,” he explained. “Beyond that, I also want to make sure they have a version of the mix that meets broadcast standards. I’ll do a really detailed theatrical mix as a starting point, then I’ll use NUGEN’s LM-Correct to create a broadcast and web version.”

When it comes to streaming and broadcast-compatible projects, NUGEN provides the Soularity team with a great solution. “In my opinion, the VisLM is THE solution when you are talking about loudness metering,” adds Pereira. “There is not a better product that anyone is delivering for broadcast. Everyone should be using VisLM, especially with Netflix and its latest standards. VisLM is the officially sponsored product, so, in my mind, if you’re working professionally there’s no reason not to be using VisLM.”

In addition to its software solutions, Pereira is also impressed by NUGEN’s customer-focused service. “I like that they’re very focused on solutions for audio professionals and I feel like I’m working with a team that’s devoted to that mindset,” he said. “Part of that is the products always work, but, if you ever do need help, the NUGEN team is always accessible. They are extremely knowledgeable, and I like that you feel like you’re working with professional products, which is really important. There’s always going to be other options you can choose, but I want something that works and NUGEN does.”