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Riedel Provides On-Site Support For Electric Love Festival

Riedel Communications has announced it provided on-site support for the Electric Love Festival, held in Austria 4 – 6 July.

Integrated with the Artist infrastructure, a Bolero wireless intercom system ensured clear communications for all mobile staff before, during, and after the four-day event. The festival, which has been held at the Salzburgring race course since 2013, is one of the largest electronic dance music events in Europe, this year hosting over 180,000 visitors and featuring nearly 160 artists.

Revolution Event GmbH, an Austrian-based full-service event management company, partnered with Riedel to ensure a smooth production. Throughout the four-day event, the Bolero wireless intercom provided clear and reliable communications for all mobile staff including sound, camera, and lighting crews and the show management team. Revolution Event deployed nearly 50 Bolero beltpacks to crew members, with only eight Bolero antennas providing full coverage throughout the vast, 18,500-square-meter venue. Bolero’s ability to integrate easily and seamlessly with Artist components, including frames, keypanels, and SmartPanels, was a huge asset.

“At Revolution Event, we knew we could count on Bolero to guarantee optimal communications between all of our teams,” said Hannes Schnappinger, Production Manager at Revolution Event. “Riedel’s sophisticated wireless technology and Bolero’s great range gave us unprecedented flexibility and mobility.”

In the days prior to the event, Riedel teams installed more than 1,300 meters of fiber-optic cable to feed the Bolero signals into the central Artist matrix. All cables converged at the Event Control Center, the heart of the production, where Revolution Event staff supervised all teams with an RSP-2318 SmartPanel. A 12-camera OB van behind the main stage broadcast the entire event live over social media channels, with an additional 2300-Series SmartPanel onboard the OB unit helping to ensure the highest broadcast standards.

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