PSI introduce the new 3-Way nearfield A23-M active studio monitor

PSI Audio studio monitors are held in high regard among engineers, artists and DJ’s and the jewel in the crown has always been the A25-M three-way monitor, particularly praised for its accurate, mastering grade audio reproduction and tight accurate low end and imaging but being the largest model in their range can often be too big for a typical sized control room. PSI Audio have listened to customers and expanded on these strengths and created a smaller three-way design for near field use to harness all the potential for easy integration in modern studio environments. With a frequency response down to 34 Hz the A23-M is a full-range monitoring system.

All-new mid driver, handmade in Switzerland
The entire speaker design of the PSI Audio A23-M is new, but its most intriguing component is the mid driver. A whole new concept, the driver was developed by PSI Audio and is crafted by hand in the company’s factory in Switzerland. By carefully controlling every step of the production process, PSI Audio achieves a driver with outstanding SPL, linearity and distortion levels. For perfect flexibility, the tweeter and midrange driver are mounted in a square baffle that can be detached from the housing allowing the drivers to be rotated to accommodate vertical and horizontal speaker positions.

Another innovation is the Flow Guide in the port that significantly optimises the working conditions of the cabinet by controlling the actual acoustic velocity inside the port. All PSI Audio monitors are handmade and individually tested in their anechoic chamber before leaving the factory in Switzerland and backed by a 5 year warrantee.

  • Frequency response: 34 to 23’000 Hz
  • 340 x 280 x 500 mm
  • 8” woofer 34 to 650 Hz
  • 2” mid dome (handmade) 620 to 3’100 Hz
  • 1” tweeter dome (handmade) 3’100 to 23’000 Hz
  • Power RMS: 170 + 80 + 50 W 
  • Continuous max SPL: 109 dB (single)
  • Program max SPL: 120dB (pair)

Price per pair £6768 + vat

Distributed in the UK by Emerging Ltd