Data is the future for Hawk-Woods NP1 Batteries

Still widely regarded as the main go to solution for sound/audio equipment, the NP1 system has without a doubt stood the test of time. Since the early 90’s Hawk-woods have supported the system and developed many recognised NP1 power adaptors that are still manufactured to this day.

Due to the increasing demand for users requesting battery data to be relayed to them, Hawk-Woods are releasing an intelligent NP1 system which will display feedback. The system itself consists of 3 individual products, the data battery NP-98D, the NP-D1 an NP1 shoe and the NPD-8S the power distribution which has 8x Hirose outputs with LED screen relaying battery data. The NPD-8S provides 2x DC Inputs which allow battery data to be combined doubling the run time or to act as a hot-swap feature. Due to today’s audio equipment being more power demanding, Input power connectors have been upgraded to Lemo 4-pin which allow for higher current limits over the commonly seen Hirose used in the past which are restricted to a couple of amps. Using the Lemo 4-pin inputs this also allows the user to take power out of each individual Hirose output.

The system is cross compatible with existing NP1 batteries but only relays battery data if a minimum of 1x NP-98D is connected into the NPD-8S.
This system will be being showcased at IBC 2019 stand 10-A43. For further information please contact the sales team.