Production Sound Mixer Celebrates Double Success

Production Sound Mixer Tully Chen has contributed to a double success at the recent Ophir Academy Awards in Israel.

Tully, a very experienced sound mixer based in Israel for both movies and television production was production sound mixer on the movie Red Fields/Mami, directed by Keren Yedaya which won the Award for best soundtrack 2019, and he was also production sound mixer for the movie Incitement, directed by Yaron Zilberman, which was awarded Best Film 2019 and will represent Israel at the forthcoming US Academy Awards in the Foreign Movies category.

To record the sound for both movies Tully used his Aaton-Digital CantarX3 and CantarMini multitrack digital field recorders. The X3 and its smaller brother the CantarMini have quickly established themselves with many production sound mixers worldwide as the recorders of choice for location sound work.

“The capabilities and quality of the X3 and Mini now are so powerful and so comprehensive that I had begun thinking beyond normal movie sound recording about the possibilities of using my X3 and Mini for multitrack high end music production,” said Tully.
“Then I was asked to join the production team of Red Fields/Mami as production sound mixer, and it was to be a musical. This would be the perfect opportunity to see what my X3 and Mini could do.”

The 15 songs featured in the film were recorded live during shooting, putting both Tully and the capabilities of the Cantars to the test.

“Our challenge was to record the best musical and acting performances and the best cinematic shots to match the story telling, all under the very tough conditions we had of budget, time and extremely hot weather.

“I am grateful to Aaton-Digital for providing such inspirational, reliable and professional equipment to facilitate my work.”

The Ophir Awards, colloquially known as the Israeli Oscars, are film awards for excellence in the Israeli film industry awarded by the by the Israeli Academy of Film and Television.