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The Psychology of Mixing

I love a technical discussion as much as the next person, but I think it’s worth pausing every now and then to think about the psychological aspect of the work that we do. What challenges do we face as engineers, and what do we need to consider on behalf of our clients? I would say…

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Alex Martinez Discusses Career In Broadcast Audio Business

Sound Engineer Alex Martinez who works at Univision discusses his career in the broadcast audio business and what he thinks will be the biggest change to the way programs will be mixed over the next five years. Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?I’m the audio operator for Univision…

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Daniel Weltlinger Upgrades To d:vote CORE 4099 Microphone

Australian violinist, composer and producer Daniel Weltlinger has long been a fan of DPA’s d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones, but when one of the two he owns was recently damaged during a live show he decided it was time to upgrade. “On the recommendation of Owen Ironside at DPA’s Australian distributor Amber Technologies, I decided to…

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Practical Tips on setting the scene for a relaxed session

There are plenty of good resources explaining how to mic up a drum kit, but fewer offering practical tips on setting the scene for a relaxed session that keeps the focus on the musician and the music. Here are a few gems that I’ve picked up over the years, working with some great producers and…

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The Park Studios

Nestled in the heart of Wembley and literally a stones throw away from the stadium sits The Park Studios. The studios were first set up in 2009 by a small record label with one recording studio a production room and a large green screen film studio. In 2011 Producer Tobin Jones joined the studio team…

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I’ve built a Studio…. Am I mad? Absolutely!!!

The term ‘studio’ is a fairly common word in the musical world. Most working musicians will have some form of ‘studio’ or rehearsal space at their house. There are fantastic products widely available to buy with great results. Ranging from simple foam, through to diaphragmatic bass traps and full-room acoustic solutions. With a small budget…

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Trigger – Audio and Video Sample Player

Trigger is a software application that has been created by professionals with expertise across a range industries. It is the software solution with a modern, efficient and intuitive user interface. Along with an unparalleled feature-set, it offers a fast and efficient work-flow. Easy to use, yet equally capable of handling the most demanding production scenarios.…

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There’s no point having a dream job if you’re going to let it kill you

Mental health awareness is a hotly debated subject at the moment and many people will experience challenges with their mental health at some point in their lives. Mental health is everyone’s business. It can happen to anybody. Experiencing poor mental health is not an issue specific to the creative industries and one in four adults…

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The Freefly MōVI Pro – review from Swift Films

Three axis gimbals are now as ubiquitous as large sensor cameras. However, we only started shooting with a gimbal three years ago. Our first port of call was the DJI Ronin M. It took us quite a while to fine tune the Ronin M to get the desired results, but we slowly got the hang…

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How to become a qualified UAV operator and benefit your business

Within recent years, the popularity of aerial photography and videography has seen an increase in the use of drones within many sectors. The benefits of using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) are often that you can capture images from inaccessible areas and from a different perspective. The versatility of drones allows this and with only…

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